About us

An overview about us

The SUPA savings and credit co-operation ( SUPA SACCO) is situated in Maralal town, the headquarters of Samburu county in the northern Rift.

The inhabitants of the county covering approximately 21,000 sq km are mostly pastoralist rearing Cattle, Camel, Sheep and Goats. Agriculture is practiced minimally in the western part (Lorroki & Kirisia division) where there is some good amount of rainfall. Most of the people in formal employment are civil servants.

SUPA Sacco was  registered in 1988 as a co-operative society (CS No.5142) as Samburu Traders Sacco later re branded to SUPA SACCO,an idea that started with twelve butchers to support each other to raise funds on a merry-go- round basis to improve their businesses. The society has evolved into a society with all the trappings of a modern financial institution.