Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Filling in a membership application form and attaching copy of ID,
  2. Payment of an entrance fees of Kes 500
  3. Filling in a next of kin/beneficiary form,
  4. Familiarization with the Sacco by-laws,
  5.  Minimum savings contribution is Kes 1,300

3 months after an accumulation of Kshs 5, 000 in deposit for long term credits. An accumulation of 5000 shillings is excluded for short term advances.

Yes. Your deposit is treated as the first charge/security.  However the following are also other securities for your loan depending on the Loan size; Guarantor’s who will be jointly and severally liable in the event the borrower defaults, Plot allocation letter (bearing the names of the borrower/ spouse borrower) and Logbook.

Note: the last two types of Security Must undergo valuation.

Yes. A member is entitled to all other loans so long they prove capacity to pay. However, long term loans can only be taken one at a time; i.e. for Asset FInance, Biashara or Fosa loans.

Yes. Dividends are as a result of interest earned/received from loans issued to members. Once they are declared by the board and approved by the AGM, they are distributed to all the persons who were members in good standing with the society as at the close of that financial year, i.e. their loans are up to date.

Guarantors are Sacco members who are in permanent employment. Non-permanent staff can guarantee but to the extent of their deposits

We are a deposit taking Sacco that is regulated by the Sacco Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA) which closely monitors the financial operations of Sacco’s. It ensures the member’s funds are safe.