About us

Facts about us


Samburu Traders Sacco Ltd (Now Supa Sacco Ltd) was founded by 12 business men who were butchers earlier in 1987.The butchers had a financial problem when they wanted to buy cattle and goats to slaughter for an income. The 12 butchers came with an idea to start supporting each other to raise funds on a merry-go-round basis to improve their business.

The society was thereafter officially registered in 22nd April 1988.By that time the Sacco had only two products namely:-

i. Savings.

ii. Loans.

The office was started as one room structure which was situated in Maralal town in Kariara house. The Sacco had 2 staff.

Later the Sacco relocated its offices into a 2 medium sized room with 4 staff. In 2002 the Sacco relocated its offices to a more spacious office space in Jakawa House on Loikas street. 

Society office at Jakawa House, Loikas Street
Our First office at Kariara
Sacco Committee members in 1991
Supa Plaza still under construction.

The Sacco started with a common bond to recruit businessmen and women within Samburu County.The Sacco relaxed its common bond to accommodate civil servants and potential business people into membership.

In 2004, Fosa department was created. The Society was issued with an authority to operate Fosa on 29th May 2006 due to the need to offer affordable banking services to its members.

The society is managed by a board of directors structured into various committees. The day to day running of the Sacco is done by the CEO and the staff.

In 2013, the society rebranded and changed name to SUPA Sacco Society Limited to accommodate other people from other regions in Kenya. This has seen a phenomenal growth in membership from 65 in 1989 to 3,651 by 30th November 2018.

In October 2015, the society moved its offices present day office to the recently finished state of the art building, Supa Plaza owned by its Subsidiary Supa Housing Co-Operative Society Ltd. The ground floor of the building houses the society Maralal Branch as well as the head office. Once the building is complete by January 2019, the first and the second floors will be available to let.

The binding rule is that all members shall maintain their savings accounts and owning SACCO shares is the common bond that holds the members together.

The Board of Directors

The society board of management comprises of the Chairman, V/Chairman, Treasurer, Hon Secretary who form the Executive Committee members and five other members who are also members of various committee. There are three members of the Supervisory committee making in all 12 members of the board.


The society is managed by the Board of Directors structured in various committees as below:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Finance Committee
  3. Credit Committee
  4. Supervisory Committee
  5. Procurement Committee
  6. Staff Select Committee
  7. Education Committee
  8. Audit Committee

Our Staff

The Society currently employs 24 staff on permanent and pensionable basis while another 6 are employed on contractual terms.

Part of our staff members in June 2018

They include the CEO, Deputy CEO/Accountant, System administrator, Marketing officer, Loans officer, 4 branch managers, clerical officers and an Internal Auditor.

Our staff are trained and well equipped with skills and knowledge to deliver value to the customers that we serve.