About us



 To empower the local community through savings mobilization and wealth creation with the ultimate goal of poverty alleviation.


Honesty & Integrity,  transparency & accountability, professionalism & good corporate governance and responsiveness to stakeholders needs & aspiration


To be one of the leading financial institutions offering competitive financial services in Kenya by 2024.


To provide Affordabl financial services using innovative means to improve the living standards of our members.

Background information

SUPA SACCO was registered in 1988 under the cooperative ACT cap. 490. as a cooperative society (CS No.5142). The idea of its conception started with twelve butchers who wanted to support each other to raise funds on a merry-go- round basis to improve their businesses. The Sacco was registered as Samburu traders Sacco but has since re-branded to Supa Sacco society limited to enable it extend  it’s services to people out of its common bond, to include: teachers, the  Business community, farmers and  individuals within the Samburu region and the county at large.

The Sacco membership presently stands at 9012, growth realized during the (2015 – 2018) strategic plan. This not withstanding, the Sacco has the potential of recruiting more as evident during last quarter of the year 2017 by exploiting and targeting new  markets and making  more outreaches.

 The review seminar revaluated the vision and mission statement of Supa Sacco and amended it to reflect what the Sacco aims to achieve within 5 to 10 years, (2015 to 2024). The new vision and mission statement will among other things enable the Sacco to pull together in a unified purpose and direction and also enable Supa Sacco mobilize more resources by developing products and services that allows members to develop long term commitment and investment by members for life.

The Sacco is planing to introduce schemes such as; forming a housing Sacco, engaging in land and plot buying for members, facilitation of projects to help members acquire capital assets, such as Buses, Trucks for transport, tractors and even dairy and milk processing equipment, beside savings and development plans for  members of staff. They would also like to introduced Loans in kind, Farm inputs iron sheet among other new products.

In drawing this Plan, the Board wanted to re position Supa Sacco to cope with the ever fast changing financial environment in the county today and try to address the challenges. The issues of loan ceiling were discussed at length during the seminar with the resolution that the ceiling be raised to Kshs. 2.5 million to be reviewed later. On products/ services diversification, the team noted that members were now more enlightened and exposed to variety of services offered by the commercial banks and micro-finance institutions; the Sacco is to therefore unlock its potential and exploit the available opportunities. In addition, it was prudent for the Saco to keep up with well established “best Practices” of management and governance in today’s business world.


  1. The review exercise identified Key Result Areas (KRA) as:
  2. Membership growth
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Investment Focus
  5. Financial and Liquidity Focus.
  6. Human Resource And Staff Development
  7. Product & Services Development Focus
  8. Marketing, Promotion & Corporate Social Responsibility Focus
  9. Customer Orientation Focus
  10. ICT and Internal Business Processes Focus
  11. Asset Acquisition, Land And Office Infrastructure Development Focus

Facts about Supa Sacco

Samburu Traders Sacco Ltd (Now Supa Sacco Ltd) was founded by 12 business men who were butchers earlier in 1987.The butchers …